What is SEO?

We offer SEO services unlike many other companies. SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing process.  A small business cannot pay an SEO company a flat fee and be done with it.  Dream on! The way Google and other search engines rank your site is by how “useful” your site is. The more useful it is, the higher ranked it will be.   For that, you need content.  Whether you want to outsource the content writing or you want to do it yourself, it is really important to continuously do so.  Websites are no longer static brochures of what your business is about.  They need to be constantly and frequently updated while always having your customers in mind.  What keywords are they searching for?  What are they Googling to find you?

What does a small business need to do to rank on Google?

Before you can develop content for your website, you need to undertand the basics of SEO.  You can’t simply fork out content and expect to rank.  You should be targeting keywords that your custommers are searching.  You need to check out your competition to find keywords that will get you ranked. You should have Google Search Console set up.  You should have your business on Google My Business.  You shoud… and the list goes on!  Here’s where we can help.

Our SEO Services

Here’s how we can help get your business on page 1 of Google

  • Keyword Research + SEO Content writing

  • Analytics tracking and Search Console Setup

  • On-page SEO consulting

  • Off-page SEO consulting

  • SEO seminars