Small business owners aren’t born knowing how to maximize their sites’ impact in Google searches or how to grow their audience, but they can learn. Our SEO Seminar will teach you to become adept at implementing SEO so your business climbs above its competitors– and stays there.


SEO Seminar

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which in part is the implementation of specific keywords and phrases pertaining to your business that when strategically placed throughout your site, indicate to Google your site’s usefulness. Google ranks businesses based on their SEO using sophisticated algorithms; learning how to utilize SEO ensures your business is ranked highly in Google searches, ultimately getting your business onto Page one.

We offer two types of seminar:
online and live in Toronto.


Toronto SEO Seminar:

Toronto SEO Seminar
In this fun, casual, and highly informative two-hour seminar, up to twenty-five small business owners meet, network, and learn fundamental information about SEO. Tips, tricks, and fundamental information along with a cheat-sheet that you can continue to use on your own are all part of the experience.

Next SEO Seminar: TBD

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*Private seminars for small business owners available upon request.

Online SEO Seminar:

Online SEO SeminarIn a private online classroom, small business owners can learn about SEO and how to maximize its usage for their specific needs from anywhere, at any time. The online course is structured to be available 24/7, and individuals can participate and join into the virtual community at their convenience.

Next Online SEO Seminar: TBD

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